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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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About AIS

... brings a group of world famous expertiese to provide assistance and guidlines for the better function of our school. AIS is governed and run by the President (Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini). Vice-presidents, directors, principal, vice-principals and the faculty members work together to ensure the well-being and academic success of our students.  AIS is a student-centered institution. AIS serves the needs of the international population, including families of the local and expatriate business and diplomatic communities, as well as the Iranian students.

AIS Curriculum

AIS offers a truly international and broad-spectrum curriculum. Our curriculum is in line with the educational rules and regulations of Iran. Meantime, we consider and integrate European and North American educational practices. We develop our program from kindergarten to high school and pre-university. Our program, curriculum, syllabi and teaching material are in conformity with International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma Program, Cambridge A Level programs and North American requirements (SAT, AP). Our language of instruction is English. All our students will learn and master English at a native speaker level. All language skills will be developed and focus is on communication and academic English. In addition, all our students will learn a second language (German, Hungarian, Italian, Arabic) and Persian (as a second language for non-Iranians). Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, prob ...


Avicenna International School – Tehran provides an engaging and challenging international program. From the early childhood development program to “International High School diploma” program, our teachers employ engaging, research-based instructional methodologies in order to give our students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to take their places as successful citizens in their societies. The curriculum at AIS has been carefully designed and approved by experts in education, sciences, sociology and educational psychology with international standards.


Education is becoming more and more important and nowadays it is very hard to find a job which does not require a university degree. A high school diploma is not enough – if you wish to achieve your dreams and later in the future you would like to have a job which can provide a stable financial background for you, it is essential to continue your studies and apply to a university. Europe has all kinds of higher educational institutions where you can study and get a degree in a field that is close to your heart. It is no secret that the universities’ entrance examination is very difficult, but with our help and your diligence, you can ...

High School

... ties for scientific experiments, extra-curricular and athletics experiences. These together serve to enrich the development of the whole student, and inspire him or her to strive for excellence. The curriculum of the high school has a highly academic focus and prepares students for university studies in Iran or any other English speaking universities in Europe or North America. Students who successfully complete the required credits for graduation shall receive an AIS International High School diploma, recognized and attested by the Ministry of Education of Iran. The main courses/credits in High School program include:   Persian Language and Literature (for non-Iranians at the level of PSL) English Language English literature and Civilization Second Language (German and French. Also may choose from: Hungarian, Arabic, Spanish) Mathematics History (World, Iran, Islam) Ethics and Religions Biology Physics Chemistry Geography and Environment Music Visual Arts Film and Media Arts Information Technology Sport and Physical Education Sociology and Psychology Physical Education and Sport Business Studies   ...

High School Exams

The students who want to improve or complete their high school studies while they are in Turkey or Cyprus can apply to our accelerated "study and exam" program. This program is for the high school and pre-university grades and is advised for those students who have already completed these sections and need to improve their scores or to get a new diploma in a different field. Students can apply for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Humanities fields. You can register online or contact our office in Instanbul.   Address:Arnika, No:50, Haseki Tramway Duragi, Findikzadeh, Mellet cad, Istanbul, Turkey.Telefax:00902125316781Mobile Number: Dr.Masoud Erabi0090 541 735 9085Ms. Afrouz Alidoust, Technical Assistant: 0090 541 735 9087 -

Higher education abroad

The excellence of higher education in Europe is recognized all over the world. If you get a degree in one of Europe’s famous universities, you will be in possession of a diploma that will be appreciated by your future employers. The secret of the European higher education lays in its superb system. In Europe students can apply to a university right after high school – of course, provided they have the suitable knowledge to pass the entrance examination. Because of this, university students are educated in the field of their interest right from the beginning, unlike in the USA, where for example if you want to become a doctor, first you have to complete a Bach ...

International studies abroad

... international programs which enable students from all over the world to complete their higher educational studies in one of these institutions. Also, since the introduction of the Bologna Process, it is even easier to study abroad, since the requirements of the universities are the same in almost every European country. Participating in an international program is very beneficial, as getting a degree in one of Europe’s universities enables you to settle down wherever you want since European diplomas are recognized all over the world. To successfully pass the university entrance examination and enter one of the international programs, you need to have a proper preparatory course, because the requirements of these universities are not that easily met. Avicenna provides excellent prep programs if you wish to study in Europe. Our school itself is international, thus you can be sure that we are the best choice if later you want to join one of the universities’ international programs.   You can find additional i ...

Pre-PhD Program

  If you already have a Bachelor or a Master degree, but you would like to continue your studies, choose Avicenna’s Pre-PhD Program! This program is excellent for you either if you would like to obtain a Master diploma, or if you are preparing for your doctorate studies.     Pre-PhD Program - Get more information about our Pre-PhD program