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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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AIS Curriculum

... line with the educational rules and regulations of Iran. Meantime, we consider and integrate European and North American educational practices. We develop our program from kindergarten to high school and pre-university. Our program, curriculum, syllabi and teaching material are in conformity with International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, Cambridge A Level programs and North American requirements (SAT, AP). Our language of instruction is English. All our students will learn and master English at a native speaker level. All language skills will be developed and focus is on communication and academic English. In addition, all our students will learn a second language (German, Hungarian, Italian, Arabic) and Persian (as a second language for non-Iranians). Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and interactivity. We are a dynamic, caring and academically-oriented community striving for excellence in all aspects of development. We follow a holistic approach to address the student as a whole. We review our curriculum ...

Application requirements

You can apply Avicenna’s foundation programs throughout the whole year if you have finished your high school studies (or in case of the Pre-PhD Program you have a Bachelor or master degree) you are able to present the application documents you really desire to study abroad APPLY NOW! You can find additional information about the following topics: Application documents Programs Avicenna Study in Hungary Study abroad

Higher education abroad

... rsity students are educated in the field of their interest right from the beginning, unlike in the USA, where for example if you want to become a doctor, first you have to complete a Bachelor program, and only after that can you apply to a medical university. The universities’ education is based on the Bologna Process, which means that the studies are divided into three parts, and students get a degree after the completion of each: Bachelor – usually lasts for three years (6 semesters) master – usually lasts for two years (4 semesters) Doctorate – usually lasts for three years (6 semesters) Students can decide whether they want to complete all three programs, since even a Bachelor degree is recognized by employers, and not every job requires a master or Doctorate diploma. With the introduction of the Bologna Process in Europe, students’ opportunities have increased. On one hand, you can study basically wherever they want – for example, after you get a Bachelor degree in Hungary, you can go to England to complete your master. Europe welcomes everybody who wishes to study at one of its universities, and Avicenna is here to help you get started!   You can find additional information about the following topics: Programs Study abroad How to study abroad Study in Hungary Hungarian universities Universities abroad Scholarship ...


master and Doctorate studies Research methodology Scientific paper writing General and professional interview skills Research proposal Science refresher class Professional/Personal Profile preparation Language studies General English   To see a detailed description of this program, please download the file below.   You can find additional information about the following topics: Programs Avicenna Hungarian universities Universities abroad Fees Calendars Teaching pol ...


Our Pre-PhD Program is available in the standard, 2-semester-long term. It is from September until June, however, students can apply during the whole academic year as they are not bound by application deadlines. Those applicants who wish to apply for master studies can also take part in this program.

Pre-PhD Program

  If you already have a Bachelor or a master degree, but you would like to continue your studies, choose Avicenna’s Pre-PhD Program! This program is excellent for you either if you would like to obtain a master diploma, or if you are preparing for your doctorate studies.     Pre-PhD Program - Get more information about our Pre-PhD program  


This program is designed for those who already have a Bachelor or a master degree and wish to continue their studies at a university of their choice. Both master and Doctorate education require a sound academic knowledge which the applicant is supposed to have acquired during his/her previous studies. However, refresher programs such as ours are extremely useful to up-date the knowledge of the student and bring the actual scientific capacity of the student to the level of the requirements by the admitting universites. To this end, Avicenna remains in close conta ...