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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Business Foundation Program

  If you wish to continue your studies in one of the business fields, Avicenna’s Business Foundation Program is the perfect choice for you. By completing this business program you can be sure to successfully enter any of the European business universities, and later graduate with good results.   Business program - Get more information about our business program  

Evaluation system

Scoring is based on the following grading system: 90-100% 5 = Excellent 78-89% 4 = Good 67-77% 3 = Average 50-66% 2 = Pass 0-49% 1 = Fail Consideration of exam results Standard program Semester 1 Semester 2 Type of exam Ratio Type of exam Ratio Mid-term exam 1 20% Mid-term exam 3 20% Mid-term exam 2 20% Mid-term exam 4 20% Oral exam (Mid-term 2) 15% Oral exam (Mid-term 4) 15% Class performance 10% Class performance 10% Weekly Progress Tests 25% Weekly Progress Tests 25% Final Exam 10% Final Exam 10% Total: 100% Total: 100%   Intensive program Type of exam Ra ...

General conditions of exam participation, absences

Participation in all the exams is compulsory for. In case of absence, the Department of Education must be notified in writing (e.g. medical certificate proving the reason of the absence). Unauthorized absence results in automatic failure which counts as zero in the calculation of the Grand Average Point (failure in any exam is considered as 1). Students are required to arrive in time for the exams and finish it within the allowed time frame. In case of late arrival the student will not be allowed to enter the examination room and will be automatically failed due to absence, getting a 0. Students will also be informed in advance on the means (e.g. calculator, laptop) allowed to the exa ...

University entrance exams

Entrance exams to universities are organized every year in Budapest and abroad – students can choose the place of exam (Hungary or any other country). Those who apply to more universities usually take one test from the required subjects and English, and take the interviews separately to each university. The Admission Department will inform the students of the results after having received the offical response from the concerned university. The university application and admission procedures are arranged by the Admission Department. Relevant details will be posted on the website or sent to students via newsletter or email. Students are allowed to apply to any university (in or outside Europe) and they have to meet the admission requirements of the concerned university. The Admission Department will assist in the application and admission process. ...

On what basis do I join a science group?

There are 3 science groups: A, B and C. Group A is the strongest and C is weakest. Based on the results of your APT (Avicenna Placement Test), your class performance and other exams during the first semester you are introduced to a science group. It is always possible to go to an upper group if you prove that you are improving. Top

What is the structure of education at AIC?

All new students participate in an exam which is called APT. This exam is in English and is composed of written and oral parts. Based on the results of the test, students will join group A, B or C. Group A admits students with the strongest knowledge. Group B is intermediate and group C is for students with the weakest skills. In English, students will join Level 1 to Level 17 which is pre-advanced. After completion of Level 17, students can continue in TOEFL or IELTS preparation courses. All classes are offered in an interactive manner by native speakers or qualified Hungarian teachers and university professors. AIC prepares it ...

What is Weekly Progress Test?

This is a written test which measures your knowledge of the material which is taught during a week. WPT is usually administered on Monday morning. The results are published the same day or the next day and they help the students and teachers to learn about the weak points of each student. Top

Online Examination System

... oundation Program, you can complete task sheets in various topics of Biology and Chemistry. This way you will be able to evaluate your level of knowledge, and you will know exactly what are those materials in which you need further studying. On the other hand, this exam system is used by your teachers during your studies to test your progress. Most of your examinations at Avicenna will be online and not paper based, and this will make it possible for you and your teachers to instantly know the results for your tests. The Avicenna Online Examination System was created for our students – for you. Go to Avicenna Online Examination System