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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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SUMMER SEMESTER (3 June-23 August 2013)

... will get all the prescribed educational material in full. Depending on the actual date of arrival, students either attend English classes till the next group is launched or join the existing one. In the latter case the student should compensate for the missed material. If the student cannot compensate for the missed classes, he/she is transferred to the newly formed group and start the study material from the beginning. This overview calendar does not include the dates of Mid-level and Level exams in English and Weekly Progress Tests (WPT) in science. Level exams are arranged on the last session of each English level, WPTs are held every Monday at 8:00 a.m. A Assessment exam includes the material taught from the beginning of the year or between two successive Assessment exams. Final exam includes questions from the whole year material in each module. Further details about exam regulations and evaluation system are included in the Exam Regulations (Student Manual and AIC website). Dates of exams and other events may be subject to change. You should check the actual Academic Calendar every week/day on the AIC website. Always check for more information. ...


... dent at Avicenna, here you will be able to find information about the process of your studies. You can see your timetables for the whole semester, and in the calendars you can find out about examination dates and important deadlines. Read through them carefully so that you can suitably manage your time. Academic calendar Find the most important dates of your studies.learn more Timetables See the detailed timetable of your program.learn more Examination calendar Find the dates of all your exams during your studies.learn more

Istanbul Campus (Turkey)

... in Istanbul is a complex of buildings with a historic heritage. Apart from its charm of Istanbul, other factors such as spacious and modern classes and computer facilities make this campus attractive and a stimulating place to study in. Located on the prestigous part of Istanbul, the attractions of this city becomes an integral part of the student life in this AIC campus. Apart from different college and pre-university programs, this campus offers an opportunity foir students to take the exams on a more flexible schedule in English and later in Turkish.


Types of examination General conditions of exam participation, absences Exemptions exams during the academic year Evaluation system University entrance exams  

Evaluation system

... 10% Weekly Progress Tests 25% Weekly Progress Tests 25% Final Exam 10% Final Exam 10% Total: 100% Total: 100%   Intensive program Type of exam Ratio Mid-term 1 20% Mid-term 2 20% Oral exam (Mid-term 2) 15% Class perforamnce 10% Weekly Progress Tests 25% Final Exam 10% Total: 100% Top Fast links: Types of examination General conditions of exam participation, absences University entrance exams exams during the academic year Exemptions

Exams during the academic year

All exam dates are set by the Department of Education according to the academic calendar. Science examsTo evaluate the educational progress and science knowledge during the academic year, students must take the following exams. Weekly Progress Tests (WPT) WPTs are short evaluation tests organized every Monday morning between 8:00-9:45 a.m. It covers all science modules taught in the program during the week prior to WPT. (NOTE: In case Monday is a public holiday, WPT may be arranged on a different day.) WPTs cannot be retaken. Mid-Term ...


Any requests for exemptions must be in writing, addressed to the Department of Education. Decisions will be made individually considering the student’s actual knowledge and previous degrees. Full exemption: exemption in attending the classes and exams. Partial exemption: exemption in attending classes but the student must take part in the examinations. Top Fast links: Types of examination General conditions of exam participation, absences University entrance exams exams during the academic year Evaluation system

General conditions of exam participation, absences

Participation in all the exams is compulsory for. In case of absence, the Department of Education must be notified in writing (e.g. medical certificate proving the reason of the absence). Unauthorized absence results in automatic failure which counts as zero in the calculation of the Grand Average Point (failure in any exam is considered as 1). Students are required to arrive in time for the exams and finish it within the allowed time frame. In case of late arrival the student will not be allowed to enter th ...

Types of examination

... d are available on the website. The test includes a written and an oral part from the following subjects in English: Medical Foundation Program: Biology, Chemistry, English Technical Foundation Program: Mathematics, Physics, English Business Foundation Program: Mathematics, English International High School Program: English English Foundation Program: English In the German Medical Foundation Program students are tested in biology and chemistry in German. Top Fast links: exams during the academic year Evaluation system University entrance exams General conditions of exam participation, absences Exemptions

University entrance exams

Entrance exams to universities are organized every year in Budapest and abroad – students can choose the place of exam (Hungary or any other country). Those who apply to more universities usually take one test from the required subjects and English, and take the interviews separately to each university. The Admission Department will inform the students of the results after having received the offical response from the concerned university. The university application and admission procedures are arra ...

How can I apply to a university after my foundation year?

With questions related to universities such as application and entrance exams, you need to contact the Admission Department ( AIC will arrange all necessary steps for a successful university application. Top  

How will my transcript scores be calculated?

All the exams and tests that you take during the academic year will count towards your final grades. Top

On what basis do I join a science group?

There are 3 science groups: A, B and C. Group A is the strongest and C is weakest. Based on the results of your APT (Avicenna Placement Test), your class performance and other exams during the first semester you are introduced to a science group. It is always possible to go to an upper group if you prove that you are improving. Top

High School Exams

The students who want to improve or complete their high school studies while they are in Turkey or Cyprus can apply to our accelerated "study and exam" program. This program is for the high school and pre-university grades and is advised for those students who have already completed these sections and need to improve their scores or to get a new diploma in a different field. Students can apply for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Humanities fields. You can register online or contact our offi

Medical program

... niversity in Budapest, or Charles University in Prague, or any European medical university of your choice. The degree you get from European institutions is recognized all over the world, and the universities are registered in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools, thus with this degree you will be able to work anywhere you want as a doctor. The degrees issued by these universities are also recognized by the US and Canadian authorities, so you are entitled to take the USMLE I and USMLE II exams and practice in North-America as well.   You can find additional information about the following topics: Medical studies Studies in medicine Medical courses Medical college Med school applications How to apply

Medical studies in Hungary

Medical education in Hungary has a long tradition. There are four medical universities in Hungary, namely: Debrecen Medical University, Semmelweis University Budapest, Pecs Medical University and Szeged Medical University. These universities offer medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programs in Hungarian, English and German. Medical education take 6 years. Education is credit-based and exams are mainly written or oral. The degrees offered by these universities are recognized in most countries of the world. To enter the medical schools, applicants should take an entrance examination which is usually composed of English, chemistry, biology and sometimes physics. Most international students take a 1 year pre-medical course to prepare themselves for the application to the Hungarian medical schools. During this course students get a sound background in English and sciences related ...

Pre-med study abroad

... u would like to continue your higher education in one of the medical fields, it is advisable to apply to a pre-med program before you start your university studies. The reason for this is simple: the material that you are taught in high school is simply not enough for a successful entrance to a medical university, and even if you do manage to get into one, without a firm base knowledge of biological and chemical sciences, it is quite likely that you will drop out after continuously failing your exams. Avicenna’s Medical Program is a prep program designed for students who want to get a degree in one of the fields of medicine. What we offer: intensive pre med training for successful university studies familiarizing students with the university requirements experienced professors international environment high quality pre med courses iPre med programsClick here! You can find additional information about the following topics: Become a doctor Medical training Programs Avicen ...

Pre-pharmacy studies

Studying pharmacy in one of Europe’s medical universities might be a big challenge for you if cannot acquire a firm base knowledge of the core subjects of the field before you enter the university. However, if you complete a preparatory program before you apply to a higher educational instituiton, it will be easier for you to successfully pass the entrance examinations and the exams during your university studies. Avicenna’s Medical Foundation Program, as it is indicated in its name, provides foundation courses in the medical field. If you apply to the program, you can be sure about not having big difficulties during your entrance examination and your university studies. The program teaches all the core subjects you need in order to become a pharmacist, including an extensive training in biology and chemistry. The Medical Foundation Program provides: high stand ...

Registration for retake exam

Dear Student, In case you would like to sit for a retake exam, you have to register yourself by sending us the following submission form. Additional information: Please be informed that retake exams are held every Monday from 8:00 ONLY. You will receive a confirmation email from the Student Administration Office (SAO) including the date of exam and the retake exam fee and other details. Preferably, you are required to transfer the fee in advance or you can pay on the spot by cash before the exam day. We do not arrange any payment on Monday mornings! You have to bring the receipt with yourself. If the retake exam is online, you need to bring your laptop with you. AIC will provide t ...