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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Documents required for admission

... e Admission Department. Completed and signed AIC application form Signed Student Contract Four original copies of notarized English translation of: high school leaving certificate high school transcripts certificate and transcript of any education after high school NOTE: One copy will remain at AIC, other copies will be sent to the universities where you apply later. Two copies of your passport (pages with personal data and visa) Sixteen passport size, recent photos Receipt of payment or transfer of all due fees Curriculum Vitae in English One letter of recommendation Official statement of financial support signed by the parent or sponsor A copy of birth certificate or national ID (in original language or English)   You can find additional information about the following topics: Study in Europe Study in Hungary Programs How to apply Application Avicenna


... ob which can provide a stable financial background for you, it is essential to continue your studies and apply to a university. Europe has all kinds of higher educational institutions where you can study and get a degree in a field that is close to your heart. It is no secret that the universities’ entrance examination is very difficult, but with our help and your diligence, you can pass it easily. We know that having a university degree does not automatically mean that you will have a high-paying job – this is why we will continue to keep in touch with you even after you have completed your studies at Avicenna. We will help you through your university years and will make sure that you have plenty of job opportunities after you have successfully got your diploma.   iAvicenna schoolGo to Avicenna school   You can find additional information about the following topics: Teaching policy Programs Higher education abroad Why Avicenna Fees

General conditions of exam participation, absences

... nauthorized materials will result in an automatic failure. Retake exams All Mid-Term exams are retakable on specified days. Only those who took the exam for the first time but failed or need a better grade can repeat the exam. Failure caused by absence does not permit a retake. Those who fail twice may apply for another possibility of re-take. Decisions are made by Avicenna case by case. Repeating an exam requires written registration at the Department of Education and payment of the exam fee prior to the actual date of the retake exam. The receipt of payment must be presented before the exam starts. Fees for any repeat or re-take exam apply. The fees depend on the number of retakes and if the student has tried to take the exam within 2 years after the termination of the student status. After repeating an exam, the improved result will be considered for the final marks, which appears in the educational record of the student and in the official transcript issued after the completion of the educational program. Any permitted retake exam can be completed maximum within 2 years following the academic year in which the student registered. After this period, student needs to register at AIC for any re-takes. In case you cannot come to the fixed date, you are required to inform the Student Aministration Office by email. If you fail to inform us on your absence, your retake exam application will be terminated and you have to re-apply for a new date later on. Top Fast links: Types of examination Evaluation system University entrance exams Exams during the academic year Exemptions ...

Can I pay my tuition fee after my arrival in Budapest?

Those students who apply from countries where they need to get a visa before arrival in Hungary should pay the tuition fee and other related fees in advance. This is a requirement to provide you with the necessary documents for visa processing. Top

Can we pay the fees in several installments?

Those students, who apply from countries where a Schengen visa is required, should pay the full tuition fee and other fees in advance before the necessary documents for visa processing are issued. However, even after the issuance of visa, if you decide not to come to AIC you can get the tuition fee refunded (less 250 Euro) if you are still in your country of origin and you have had your visa cancelled. The Student Contract specifies the details of refund policy. Any request for the payment of tuition fee in installments should be addressed to the Admission Department. Y ...


... ill get a visa? What documents do students need to take to the Immigration Office in order to extend their visa? What documents do students to take to the Immigration Office if they need to extend their residence permit? If the parents would like to visit a student what kind of documents does the student need to provide for their visa? To which countries can I travel with my Schengen visa? Application How can I apply to AIC? Should we apply to AIC directly or via a Consultant? Can I pay my tuition fee after my arrival in Budapest? Can we pay the fees in several installments? Will you refund the tuition fee if a student decides not to continue his/her studies at AIC? About Budapest Is Hungary safe for my children? Will anybody pick me up at the airport when I arrive in Budapest? Where will I stay after my arrival in Budapest? Where can I study Hungarian language? Studying at Avicenna What is the structure of education at AIC? On what basis do I join a science group? What is Weekly Progress Test? Where can I buy my books? Where can I get my timetable and information about my science and English groups? Can I change my groups or English levels? ...

Should we apply to AIC directly or via a Consultant?

You can apply to AIC directly by writing to However, you can always ask for the assistance of an AIC Consultant. They can facilitate the process of admission and save you time. Please remember that in some countries, Consultants may charge you a fee according to local rules and regulations. Such fees are not related to AIC and you should pay such fees according to a separate agreement signed by and with the Consultant. AIC cannot undertake any responsibility for the refund such fees paid to the Consultants. Top

Registration for retake exam

Dear Student, In case you would like to sit for a retake exam, you have to register yourself by sending us the following submission form. Additional information: Please be informed that retake exams are held every Monday from 8:00 ONLY. You will receive a confirmation email from the Student Administration Office (SAO) including the date of exam and the retake exam fee and other details. Preferably, you are required to transfer the fee in advance or you can pay on the spot by cash before the exam day. We do not arrange any payment on Monday mornings! You have to bring the receipt with yourself. If the retake exam is online, you need to bring your laptop with you. AIC will provide the access codes. If the exam is paper-based, bring a pen, a pencil, an eraser and a calculator (in case of Chemistry, Maths and Physics). You need to arrive latest 7:45 at the Student Administration Office. If you are late, you may be accepted for next Monday only. If ...

Required Documents

Completed application form signed by one of the parentsA copy of passport of the applicant and parents (non-Iranian applicants)Residence visa of the applicant and parents (non-Iranian applicants, if parents living in Iran)Original transcripts of previous studies (or authentic English translation, attested by Iranian Embassy if issued outside Iran)A copy of Identity Card of applicant and parents (Iranians applicants)Six paspport-size color photosVaccination / Health ReportProof of payments for related feesRecommendation letter from previous school/teacher

How does it operate?

The Avicenna Residential Complex consists of fully furnished, modern apartments. Each one of them can house 4-6 students. Each apartment contains its own bathroom, toilet and other amneties and students will also be able to use the common areas and other joint facilities. Each student staying at the Residential Complex is required to pay EUR 500 in advance – this covers the accommodation for the duration of their studies (2 semesters). Students will also pay for the electricity, water and heating based on the meters, and the Internet. The actual consumption will be divided between the number of students living in one apartment every month. Close to the major universities (Semmelweis, Technical, Corvinus) Brand new 5-floor apartment building Total 43 flats of different sizes Apartments with 1-2-3 rooms Modern ...


Since Avicenna’s main goal is to help every young person from all around the world to get the opportunity to study in Europe, we give financial aid to those who need it. If you would like to study at our college but you are not in a position to pay such an amount of money, do not worry – when you apply to our college, apply for Avicenna’s scholarship at the Admission Department! Each application is personally dealt with by our president, and the amount of aid we give is individually decided. You are also encouraged to look for other sources of support at your home country.   You can find additional information about the following topics: Fees Programs Apply here