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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Budapest Campus (Hungary)

The first Avicenna campus in Europe was established in Budapest near to main Hungarian universities including semmelweis University, Corvinus University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Located in a historic building (1898), the campus was entirely renovated by AIC. This complex includes modern and well-equipped classrooms, spacious library facilities, science laboratory, modern kitchen and dining facilities, student center and a large open area for recreation and education. The Avicenna Residential Complex (ARC) with fully furnished apartments offers a world class service to ...

Medical universities

Academic major Institution City Duration Tuition fee More information Dentistry semmelweis University Budapest 10 semesters Years 1-2: USD 16,000; Years 3-5: USD 19,200 (USD 3,200 material fee added) Go to the university's websiteGo to the university's website University of Debrecen Debrecen 10 semesters 12,500 USD / year (if paid in one instalment) and 1,500 USD material cost from the 3rd year on Go to the university's websiteGo to the university's website University of Pécs Pécs 10 semesters USD 14,710 (USD 8,155 for the first, USD 6,555 for the se ...

International Advisory Board

... International School enjoys the support of a group of international scientists and university professors. These scientists are the members of "International Advisory Board" (IAB) which provides assistance and advices to the President of AIS with respect to educational standards, methodology and future programs. The members of IAB meet from time to time in Europe or Iran and are always available online to consult the leaders of AIS. Prof. Dr. Laszlo Rosivall, MD., PhD., DMSc. Professor of semmelweis University, Hungary,Head of PhD School at semmelweis University, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Szechenyi Prize Lauriate,Kharizmi International Award Laureate Prof. Dr. Gyorgy SUHA, PhD habil, MSc fmr. ambassador, member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesVice Rector, Wekerle Sandor Business School, BudapestInterim Dean, Alfred Nobel Open Business School, Hong KongVisiting Professor, Sorbonne-Paris (IV) Prof. Emer. Dr. Emil Monos, MD:, PhD., DMSc. ...

International Advisory Board

Avicenna’s advisory board was founded in 2003, and since then it helped our institution’s work immensely. The International advisory board Supervises and supports the educational activities and programs of our college Observes and evaluates the educational plans and strategies Advises our staff on the development of the management system President: Prof. Emer. Dr. Béla Halászsemmelweis UniversityDepartment of Human Morphology and Developmental Biology   Secretary:   Prof. Dr. László Rosivall, Deputy Directorsemmelweis UniversityDepartment of Pathophysiology   Members: Prof. Dr. György Benedek, DeanUniversity of SzegedFaculty of General Medicine Prof. Dr. Gyula Csopaki, Past-DirectorBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsInternational Education Center   Prof. Dr. Kornél D ...

Medical program

If you wish to continue your medical studies in one of the European universities, you can do so since many of the institutions offer international medical programs in English. You can apply for example to semmelweis Medical University in Budapest, or Charles University in Prague, or any European medical university of your choice. The degree you get from European institutions is recognized all over the world, and the universities are registered in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools, thus with this degree you will be able to work anywhere you want as a doctor. The degrees issued by these universities are also recognized by the US and Canadian authorities, so you are entitled to take the U ...

Medical studies in Hungary

Medical education in Hungary has a long tradition. There are four medical universities in Hungary, namely: Debrecen Medical University, semmelweis University Budapest, Pecs Medical University and Szeged Medical University. These universities offer medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programs in Hungarian, English and German. Medical education take 6 years. Education is credit-based and exams are mainly written or oral. The degrees offered by these universities are recognized in most countries of the world. To enter the medical schools, applicants should take an entrance examination which is usually composed of English, chemistry, ...

What parents say

... for the first time, I saw a man in front of me. Avicenna helped him grow up, helped him to get into a university, taught him how to speak English fluently, and made sure he had no problems integrating into the European culture. Thank you in the name of our whole family. Hessam, 2004-2005 My son was a rebellious teenager but Avicenna made him turn into a serious, purposeful young man. I don’t know how they managed to do it, but they encouraged my son to study hard and helped him to get into semmelweis University, from which he has graduated with honours since then. Omar, 2009-2010 I was afraid to let my daughter travel to a foreign country, but Avicenna took my worries away. Budapest is not a dangerous city, and the school paid close attention to keep her out of harm’s way. Avicenna is an ideal place to study and familiarize with the European culture. Leila, 2003-2004 Three of my children attended Avicenna and I plan to send the youngest one there too. The programs of this school are excellent and they make sure that every single student gets into the university. Education is important for our family, so Avicenna was the best choice for our children. Hossein, 1999-2000 Top ...

How does it operate?

... students will also be able to use the common areas and other joint facilities. Each student staying at the Residential Complex is required to pay EUR 500 in advance – this covers the accommodation for the duration of their studies (2 semesters). Students will also pay for the electricity, water and heating based on the meters, and the Internet. The actual consumption will be divided between the number of students living in one apartment every month. Close to the major universities (semmelweis, Technical, Corvinus) Brand new 5-floor apartment building Total 43 flats of different sizes Apartments with 1-2-3 rooms Modern furniture and quality home equipment Good transport connections Pleasant and peaceful international environment Different student services Free satellite and cable TV Restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity Close to shopping centers (TESCO) and other non-stop grocery stores

Education in Hungary

Ministry of National Resources Corvinus University semmelweis University University of Szeged University of Pécs University of Debrecen Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) University of Miskolc Szent István University

Why Avicenna?

... ducation (Hungary - Germany) – students can move between campuses and follow the same programs. interactive classes with the help of modern audio-visual technology. support even after the classes, in the afternoons and during the weekends as well. extracurricular activities that are both for recreation and learning purposes. a brand new, fully furnished residential complex in Budapest at a reasonable price (satellite TV, internet, parking). It is at walking distance to the college and the semmelweis University. programs which are outlined not only to ensure your success in the entrance examinations of the universities, but also to provide a sound background for your perfect performance in the first and second years of the university. regular tests to measure your progress - this provides a continuous feedback for the teachers, parents and students. examinations (in writing and oral) which prepare you for the most difficult university examinations. a friendly and caring environment for international students. But of course, the success of our past students is the best reason why you should choose AIC to ensure your own success! You can find additional information about the following topics: Medical school ranking Business school ranking Programs Avicenna Apply here Teaching policy ...