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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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SUMMER SEMESTER (3 June-23 August 2013)

... nal material in full. Depending on the actual date of arrival, students either attend English classes till the next group is launched or join the existing one. In the latter case the student should compensate for the missed material. If the student cannot compensate for the missed classes, he/she is transferred to the newly formed group and start the study material from the beginning. This overview calendar does not include the dates of Mid-level and Level exams in English and Weekly Progress tests (WPT) in science. Level exams are arranged on the last session of each English level, WPTs are held every Monday at 8:00 a.m. A Assessment exam includes the material taught from the beginning of the year or between two successive Assessment exams. Final exam includes questions from the whole year material in each module. Further details about exam regulations and evaluation system are included in the Exam Regulations (Student Manual and AIC website). Dates of exams and other events may be subject to change. You should check the actual Academic Calendar every week/day on the AIC website. Always check for more information. ...

Evaluation system

... ing system: 90-100% 5 = Excellent 78-89% 4 = Good 67-77% 3 = Average 50-66% 2 = Pass 0-49% 1 = Fail Consideration of exam results Standard program Semester 1 Semester 2 Type of exam Ratio Type of exam Ratio Mid-term exam 1 20% Mid-term exam 3 20% Mid-term exam 2 20% Mid-term exam 4 20% Oral exam (Mid-term 2) 15% Oral exam (Mid-term 4) 15% Class performance 10% Class performance 10% Weekly Progress tests 25% Weekly Progress tests 25% Final Exam 10% Final Exam 10% Total: 100% Total: 100%   Intensive program Type of exam Ratio Mid-term 1 20% Mid-term 2 20% Oral exam (Mid-term 2) 15% Class perforamnce 10% Weekly Progress tests 25% Final Exam 10% Total: 100% Top Fast links: Types of examination General conditions of exam participation, absences University entrance exams Exams during the academic year Exemptions ...

Exams during the academic year

All exam dates are set by the Department of Education according to the academic calendar. Science examsTo evaluate the educational progress and science knowledge during the academic year, students must take the following exams. Weekly Progress tests (WPT) WPTs are short evaluation tests organized every Monday morning between 8:00-9:45 a.m. It covers all science modules taught in the program during the week prior to WPT. (NOTE: In case Monday is a public holiday, WPT may be arranged on a different day.) WPTs cannot be retaken. Mid-Term exams and Final exams During the standard program (2 semesters) students are required to take 4 Mid-term exams and 2 Final exams, during the intensive program (1 semester) they mus ...

How will my transcript scores be calculated?

All the exams and tests that you take during the academic year will count towards your final grades. Top

What should I do if I fail in a certain subject?

In science, except for Weekly Progress tests, you can always ask for permission to re-take any exam. Re-takes are offered and permitted on certain dates during the academic year. In English the level tests can be re-taken but only at the end of the academic year. Top

Free online testing

Avicenna’s main goal is to help everybody who wishes to improve their knowledge and is willing to learn new things in order to continue their studies in higher education. If you would like to develop academically, first you need to know what are your strenghts and weaknesses in the subjects that are necessary for the field in which you want to continue your studies. Avicenna’s Online Examination System gives you the opportunity to evaluate yourself by completing different tests in various subjects. Register at the webpage of the examination system, and test your knowledge for free! Go to Avicenna Online Testing System   You can find additional information about the following topics: Avicenna Exam regulations Programs Teaching policy

Online Examination System

... , you can complete task sheets in various topics of Biology and Chemistry. This way you will be able to evaluate your level of knowledge, and you will know exactly what are those materials in which you need further studying. On the other hand, this exam system is used by your teachers during your studies to test your progress. Most of your examinations at Avicenna will be online and not paper based, and this will make it possible for you and your teachers to instantly know the results for your tests. The Avicenna Online Examination System was created for our students – for you. Go to Avicenna Online Examination System

Why Avicenna?

... rricular activities that are both for recreation and learning purposes. a brand new, fully furnished residential complex in Budapest at a reasonable price (satellite TV, internet, parking). It is at walking distance to the college and the Semmelweis University. programs which are outlined not only to ensure your success in the entrance examinations of the universities, but also to provide a sound background for your perfect performance in the first and second years of the university. regular tests to measure your progress - this provides a continuous feedback for the teachers, parents and students. examinations (in writing and oral) which prepare you for the most difficult university examinations. a friendly and caring environment for international students. But of course, the success of our past students is the best reason why you should choose AIC to ensure your own success! You can find additional information about the following topics: Medical school ranking Business school ranking Programs Avicenna Apply here Teaching policy ...