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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Student ApplicationsFor information and registration please contact: Registration Office Email:   Employment: For information and with questions please write to:   Address: Avicenna International School - Tehran Pirooz Sq., No 12, Sadr Highway (Manzarieh exit) 1939965173 Tehran, Iran.Telephone and Fax Numbers:TEL: +98 21 88 82 45 83Fax: +98 21 88 83 36 85 Call Send SMS Call from mobile Add to Skype You'll need Skype Creditfree via Skype

Dental studies

... nts. The preparation for dental studies is quite similar to that of medical studies, since during the first two years medical doctors and soon-to-be dentists receive basically the same education at the universities. Due to this, participating in a pre-med program can prepare you for successful studies in the field of dentistry. Apply to Avicenna’s Medical Foundation Program, and receive a proper preparatory education in order to pass the universities’ entrance examination and have problem-free university studies. Apply here   You can find additional information about the following topics: Pre-Dental Medical college Pre-med Pre-med programs Pre-med studies

University entrance exams

... versity. The university application and admission procedures are arranged by the Admission Department. Relevant details will be posted on the website or sent to students via newsletter or email. Students are allowed to apply to any university (in or outside Europe) and they have to meet the admission requirements of the concerned university. The Admission Department will assist in the application and admission process. Contact us If you have any questions regarding these regulations, feel free to contact us! Top

Where will I stay after my arrival in Budapest?

You will be transferred to the Avicenna Residential Complex (ARC) where you will stay in the apartments. This complex is very close to AIC and to other universities. You are free to move to another location of your choice or you can decide to stay at ARC for the duration of your study at AIC. Students are always advised to book their apartment. Locations may be limited. Top

Free online testing

... willing to learn new things in order to continue their studies in higher education. If you would like to develop academically, first you need to know what are your strenghts and weaknesses in the subjects that are necessary for the field in which you want to continue your studies. Avicenna’s Online Examination System gives you the opportunity to evaluate yourself by completing different tests in various subjects. Register at the webpage of the examination system, and test your knowledge for free! Go to Avicenna Online Testing System   You can find additional information about the following topics: Avicenna Exam regulations Programs Teaching policy

How does it operate?

... ricity, water and heating based on the meters, and the Internet. The actual consumption will be divided between the number of students living in one apartment every month. Close to the major universities (Semmelweis, Technical, Corvinus) Brand new 5-floor apartment building Total 43 flats of different sizes Apartments with 1-2-3 rooms Modern furniture and quality home equipment Good transport connections Pleasant and peaceful international environment Different student services free satellite and cable TV Restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity Close to shopping centers (TESCO) and other non-stop grocery stores


... equal opportunities to continue their studies in higher education. Therefore, we have established a scholarship to help those who do not have the financial background to support study abroad. If you wish to study at Avicenna but you feel that you cannot afford all fees, apply for our scholarship and study at our college for a reduced price. Learn more about Avicenna International College's Scholarship   You can find additional information about the following topics: Avicenna Programs free study Study in Hungary

Study in Europe

... ies’ international program, you have to be very well prepared to do so. The application process for the European universities is quite difficult, not to mention how hard the entrance examinations are. If you want to be sure of getting into a university, it is advisable to complete a prep program first. Avicenna’s Foundation programs provide excellent support for everybody who would like to complete their higher education studies in one of Europe’s finest universities. i Study in europe free Click here! You can find additional information about the following topics: Study in Hungary Avicenna How to apply  


... rithmetic geometric progressions Modules in Physics Motion in one dimension Vectors Motion in two dimension The laws of motion Circular motion and Newton’s law Work and energy Potential and Conservation Energy Linear Momentum and Collision Rotation of a rigid object Rolling motion, Angular momentum and Torque Oscillatory Motion Statics and Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics Electricity Language studies General English Compulsory elective courses free-hand drawing (for those who wish to study architecture) IT (for those who wish to study IT)   You can find additional information about the following topics: Programs Avicenna Fees How to apply Study abroad Become a consultant